Baker Has Earned Your Vote
October 7, 2020

I support Keith Baker for county commissioner.  I have known Keith for years and I have watched him as commissioner participate in numerous events and serve on boards around the county. 

He has been an active, involved Commissioner and is willing to listen to concerns from the citizens of the county. 

He has lived here for many years and seen the issues and results from decisions made, both good and bad, and has years of experience to help form his decisions. 

He has been a member of Buena Vista Heritage and attended annual meetings and events at the Turner Farm.  Keith has supported the St. Elmo District, and the Hutchinson Homestead. 

He has been involved with many projects important to our county such as the Stage and Rail Trail, Browns Canyon Monument, Chaffee County Community Foundation, County Comprehensive Plan, Envision Chaffee County and 4-H Fair and the 4-H grounds.

He is respected by other county officials and Commissioners from other counties. He has served on other state boards. 

Years of experience are important when dealing with these many complex issues.  We need to have four more years with Keith Baker and take advantage of his dedication and experience.

After speaking with Hannah Hannah, I admire her drive but it wasn’t clear to me what her platform or values were. 

Despite a history in ranching and business, she is new to our community and lacks the experience needed to succeed as county commissioner.

Keith Baker has proven himself as an effective, accountable leader, and I think he is the best person for the job. Let’s give him four more years!     

Suzy Kelly

Buena Vista

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