Baker is Available to Constituents
August 11, 2020

Dear Editor:

I’ve heard squabbling from the opponents running against Commissioner Keith Baker that proclaim he is not available to his constituents.

First, I have to say that this is just flat out wrong. Since moving to Chaffee County and getting involved in local politics and policies I can speak from experience – Commissioner Baker has always been readily available.  

In fact, he’s one of the only commissioners we currently have that responds nearly immediately to concerns via email or phone.  

If you have a major concern, he will take time out of his schedule and sit down with you, in person. At pubic functions he goes out of his way to introduce himself to new members of the community. He is thoughtful, pragmatic and a true leader. 

Second, I have to add that this is a weak argument at best, and a pathetic angle from which to run a campaign for county commissioner.  

This isn’t a juvenile p***ing match. This is an elected position in a county that is experiencing rapid growth, a pandemic and a changing climate.  

Opponents would be wise to focus on how they can become best prepared for the job at hand and communicating that to the community, instead of trashing the reputation of a man who has proven more than capable. 

I am a member of this community. I own two businesses here. I employ locals and pay them a fair wage. I am under 35. I am the future of Chaffee County, and I whole-heartedly endorse Keith Baker for Chaffee County Commissioner. 

Shae Whitney

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