October 26, 2020

Dear Editor,

I’d like to submit a letter to the editor for Commissioner Keith Baker.

Keith Baker is running for re-election as county commissioner for Chaffee Dist. 1

I’m voting to re-elect Keith Baker because of his dedication and accomplishments.

Keith is an advocate for Chaffee County. He attends hours of local meetings as well as state, western interstate & national meetings on behalf of Chaffee County. Keith speaks up for Chaffee County.

Last year I attended meetings regarding the development of Centerville Ranch in Nathrop, as well as meetings for the Comprehensive Plan. I witnessed Keith’s dedication to being informed about the issues, listening to each constituent, and working with the other commissioners to get things done for the people of Chaffee County.

It is easy to speak with Keith and he has replied to my emails and messages.

Keith has an excellent website that covers his accomplishments during his years as commissioner, which are too long to list in this limited space.

Let’s Keep Keith! He’s done a great job for Chaffee County!  Vote for Keith and then drop off your ballot in one of the convenient drop boxes in BV (114 Linderman Ave, across from the library) or at the Court House in Salida.

Peggy Finkowski

Nathrop, CO

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