Experience Matters Now More Than Ever
October 1, 2020

Chaffee County couldn’t ask for a better candidate for county commissioner than Keith Baker.

As he’s demonstrated while serving as commissioner over the past 4 years, Keith brings the perfect combination of experience, expertise, leadership and temperament to his work. He’s steady, principled, responsive and respectful, and he listens more than he talks.

Keith knows Chaffee County well, having lived here since 2004 after retiring from a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy.http://www.chaffeecountytimes.com/tncms/block/888596/?disableTNStatsTracker=1

During his time here, Keith has served as a Buena Vista trustee and as executive director of the Friends of Browns Canyon. He’s operated a local business and represented the county statewide and nationally on legislative issues.

Whether your priority is affordable housing, public lands management, homelessness, transportation, community planning and development, recreation, human rights, regional cooperation or a combination of these, Keith is the person you want to listen your ideas and hear your concerns.

He’s experienced in helping navigate each of these priorities for Chaffee County, and he has a long history of bringing diverse interests to the table to find common ground, solve shared problems and create new opportunities for our county.

See a full list of his accomplishments at bakerforchaffeecounty.com.

Chaffee County has benefited greatly from Keith’s service as a county commissioner over the past four years. We need his experience and leadership now more than ever.

Let’s keep Keith.

Sue Cobb

Buena Vista

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