No Contest: Baker is the one to choose
October 18, 2020

Recent comments are that Chaffee hasn’t had a female commissioner in decades, a detail pointed out in support of Hannah. It is ironic that much is being made for a female commissioner this year. 

An incredibly qualified female candidate with education and experience ran in 2018 but was fully disrespected by one voting segment.  She lost the election to a non-diverse, “privileged” (defined by a “meritocracy” argument previously posted) man from a generational family in the county’s south end. 

Where were all these voices for a female commissioner in 2018? That female had performed much volunteer and community work locally. Everyone is busy; community involvement and volunteering is a lifestyle choice. In the same election, there was a female running against Jim Wilson for the house; again no voices for diversity and that there needs to be a female. 

There is something about this female commissioner candidate that attracts the vocal support, and — to my perspective — it is simply her loyalty to party ideology. Neither of the two females who ran for elected office mentioned above had wealth or prior political experience. They were simply from the opposite political party as the current candidate who is getting such vocal support. 

Hannah running against incumbent Keith Baker is a “no contest” in favor of Keith. 

Finally, if residents want solid female representation for Chaffee – and we need more women in local decision-making – Jillian Freeland and Lori Boydston will make outstanding leaders for our region.

Wendy Hall
Buena Vista

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