October 26, 2020

Dear Editor, Why re-elect Keith Baker?

Keith has integrity. He combines expertise and experience with unquestionable honesty to find solutions to issues that affect us. Keith works for all of us, not just for narrow constituencies with single issues.

Keith has vision. He has this ability to look into the future and figure out what will make life better. I worked with Keith on the launch of the Chaffee County Community Foundation. CCCF has already made a dramatic impact on our quality of life here in the valley.

Keith is intelligent. He listens carefully, learn the fine points of complicated issues, and then finds the best way forward. Keith digs into solutions for our county and then communicates his thoughts clearly.

Keith is passionate. He cares about us. I believe he would do almost anything to protect our quality of life. He has devoted his life to service: as a veteran, a business owner, and now as one of our current commissioners. Keith is always (ask Evelyn!) on the job, working for the people of this county.

Keith is authentic. He’s the same guy greeting you on the street as sitting behind the commissioner’s desk. He doesn’t say or do things just to get elected. He cares deeply about his relationships with his friends, family, and all of us whom he represents as our county leader.

I strongly urge a vote for Keith for Commissioner. He has earned our trust and will serve our valley well in the future.

Michael Hannigan
Buena Vista

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